Client Testimonials (Sellers)

Dawn Kelly- Cedar Park, August, 2014

We were very pleased with the estate sale.  Leftovers Austin was very professional and knowledgeable.  We truly appreciated their thoroughness and would highly recommend them.

Carolyn Snowdon- Central Austin, July, 2014

After a short meeting with Melissa, I knew that my parent’s possessions were in kind and loving hands.  They staged the house and made everything look so beautiful and
presentable.  She kept telling me “to relax” because they had everything under control and they did!  When the sale was completed, the house was emptied and ready for sale.  There would have been no way my sister and I could have done what they did in such a timely manner.  I would highly recommend Leftovers Austin!

Bill Arhos- Tarrytown Austin, June, 2014

Thanks so much for doing such a class act/turnkey job on my estate sale which, due to my varied interests was indeed difficult to organize and assess.  I can’t imagine how you dealt with some of the more difficult items physically such as the wagon wheel dining and coffee tables and their heavy glass tops.  Simply amazing that you organized and sold so much in such a short time.  Thanks for putting us in a position to move on with the sale of the house.  Best to you.

Jake Scarbrough – Tarrytown Austin, May, 2014

I hired Leftovers Austin Estate Sales to hold an estate sale after my mother passed and I could not be happier with the outcome. After calling four estate sale companies and interviewing three in Austin I decided to go with Leftovers because of their professionalism, caring, personal touch, and general approach to the sale. Their following of loyal customers who frequent their sales in Austin was unmatched by the other companies when looking at how they would market my mother’s sale.  Leftover's were very respectful, courteous, and easy to work with throughout the entire process. I highly recommend them!

J. Brannon – NW Hills Austin, April 2014

Leftovers did a tremendous job on our estate sale ! I was overwhelmed going through my parent’s home and they said to take what we wanted and leave the rest. What a blessing!

They cleaned, sorted, staged, and priced the contents of our home. The home, porch, and garage returned to their former glory. It looked beautiful! They sold the majority of the contents of our home and gave us a summary of the items and their amounts. They also arranged for a charity to remove the items that did not sell. We were given a tax deduction form as well and we received our check with the summary. This is an extremely hardworking team of professionals! I recommend them highly.

Brian Grable – Flagstaff, Arizona March 2014 (Cedar Park Estate Sale)

Leftovers Austin is simply awesome. I wasn’t in the least bit prepared to handle my mother’s estate and living out of state only complicated matters . We called a couple of agencies but chose Leftovers.  Everything was professionally done and exactly as she had promised . She and her crew worked hard to prepare for the sale and the results she got were tremendous, earning even more than what she had estimated . For us, it was transparent. We went through the house to collect family keep sakes and then turned over the keys. When we returned, the house was empty and clean as promised. Dealing with an estate is a hard thing. I simply can’t say enough about how much Leftovers helped us through this.

Ann Collins – North Austin, March 2014

Many thanks to Leftovers Austin for working so hard on our sale. My sister and I could not ever have had such a successful sale without them… and live to talk about it. We were so overwhelmed & Leftovers assured us our Mother’s possessions would be handled with respect. They did that and more!

Ken Chappell – North Austin, January & February 2014

Thanks to Leftovers Austin for their fine work in handling our parents estate sale. My parents had collected and sold antiques their whole lives and the amount of “stuff” they had accumulated was overwhelming to us. They came in and organized, priced and staged the items and had three separate successful sales. They handled all of the details and we were very satisfied with the results.

M. L. Lashbrook – Central Austin, December 2013

“We wish to give many thanks to the folks of Leftovers Austin for handling our estate sale. They managed to make it successful, in spite of the cold weather event in early December. The proprietors of Leftovers Austin have been in business in the area for a lot of years. They have an amazing base of people that attend their sales event s. We are beneficiaries of Leftovers’ superior professional and ethical business practices . In our estate sale, the top priorities were 1) us, the client, 2) careful management of the house and contents in preparation for and during the sale, and 3) facilitating and marketing a successful sale. We stepped to the side. Leftovers Austin took over and did everything, and did it well. We have no complaints or disappointments. The house looks better after the sale than before. To those who are looking for moving sale or estate sale services, talk with Leftovers Austin first. You will be very pleased with their well developed processes and your treatment as their client and customer.”

Diann C. – NW Hills Austin, November 2013

"I did extensive research before choosing an estate sale company and choosing Leftovers was the best decision I made this year. They came weeks in advance to price and stage my home and were very efficient and professional. They worked with me every step of the way to insure my satisfaction with their results. I highly recommend them and now consider them friends as well."

Carey Gonzalez – NW Hills Austin, November 2013

“We are pleased with the results of our estate sale! Thank you and your crew for your hard work and expertise in making it a success.”

Ellie & Ron Skross – Georgetown, October 2013

“I want to thank Leftovers Austin for making our estate sale as easy and profitable as they did. They did everything they promised they would and delivered the final accounting and check quickly. My husband and I were pleased with the entire process!”

Jeff Palko – NW Hills Austin, September 2013

“My sister and I are very pleased with the results of the estate sale you held for my parents. You are fabulous and I will definitely recommend you. I cannot thank you enough; you are awesome!!!!”

Jeani Smith – Central Austin, August 2013

“From the moment we met with Leftovers, we stepped back and let them do their magic. They turned Mom’s house into a fairyland boutique and handled every detail. They were efficient, very creative and considerate of our still tender feelings. Within days after the sale we had a check and a list of items sold . Our entire family was pleased, not always an easy accomplishment, with the entire procedure. Our thanks to Leftovers Austin Estate Sales!”

Diane Moore – Austin, July 2013 (S. Congress Estate Sale)

“Leftovers Austin Estate Sales is a very professional, honest, efficient company and they were wonderful people to work with; and we were very grateful for all their help and consideration. Considering the mess the house was in, it was unbelievable how all the items were staged and presented with much knowledge to detail and arrangement. The house was beautifully transformed in a short period of time and we were very pleased with the results which helped us to find closure and to move on. We would be pleased to recommend experts like Melissa and Richard to everyone.”

Ron Stone – Bella Vista, Cedar Park, May 2013

“Just wanted to recognize the great job you did for me. I recommend Leftovers Austin Estate Sales as a professional and beneficial way to manage estate liquidation as effectively as possible. The process they use to manage the sale event is far reaching and smooth, to say the least, making it easy on the client to feel they are getting good value without becoming overly involved in the sale effort. Inventory and payment was handled in a timely manner. We plan to recommend you to friends and will use your service again.”

Shayne Uhr – Cedar Park, April 2013

“Both of my parents passed away suddenly and I live out of state. I had a house full of possessions, including a vehicle, and it was impossible for me to effectively handle a sale. When I was in town for the memorial, I met with Leftovers Austin. They took a key from me and handled everything exactly as they said they would. Everything that could be sold was sold and the things that could not be sold were donated to charity so that the house could be put on the market “completely empty”. The estate sale and cleanup took place in a mere 4 days. I would strongly recommend Leftovers Austin Estate Sales to anyone, especially those like me who are handling the estate remotely.”

Jay and Debbie Grassel – Steiner Ranch, March 2013

“We were amazed at how beautiful everything looked and how much care and attention you took to clean, label, price and display everything. Even after the sale you continued to work to sell some of the remaining items which was much appreciated and well worth it for us; we made more money than we had predicted which was a great bonus. Thank you for a wonderful experience, we would definitely recommend you to others.”

Steve Davis, Central Austin, March 2013

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how totally satisfied I am with the sale you did at my Dad’s home in Austin. Your dedication, hard work and professionalism in every aspect was appreciated. I know this was a very large and complicated sale involving a large number of unique and in some cases historic items. Your research and commitment to assessing the value in order to maximize prices to our benefit was impressive. Because I do not live in Austin, your honest and ethical approach to business made it very easy for me. Trust is very important in any business relationship and very early on, I knew I could trust both of you. Please feel free to use my name and do not hesitate in the future to have potential clients call me.”

Kim N, Austin, TX, Estate Sale: The Gardens at Balcones, February 2013

“When it was time to hold an estate sale for my mom, I interviewed several companies. But I felt an instant connection with Leftovers Austin and knew I was in the right hands.

For THREE weeks they washed dishes, sorted, organized, displayed and priced literally thousands of items. They pre-sold large items to make space for gorgeous display racks and tables they brought in to showcase items. Their keen eye pulled treasures from the pile and researched prices on items we thought were worthless. They even found jewelry pinned to a jacket and a ring in a pocket and put them aside for me to keep.

They went out of their way to adhere to the strict HOA guidelines and managed all the traffic. Even the HOA President commented on their diligence!

I started out as a skeptic and came out as a true believer! I would recommend LEFTOVERS AUSTIN hands down.”

Meta Lyons-Bates, Keller Williams, Estate Sale: Lakeway, February, 2013

“I do not know if I can properly convey to you how very pleased I am with the level of service you provided our mutual client, Margarita. You did a TON of work and the home’s condition made that evident. I sing your praises.”

Betty Barrett, Bryan, TX Estate Sale: Canyon Creek, January, 2013

Thank you so much for all the work you did, not only on the sale, but that you have continued to do to help us to take care of Mom and Dad’s things. You have been wonderful to work with. We really appreciate your sweet spirit and just the ability you gave us to put this all out of our minds. I know you had so much work to do to get everything ready since the house was left in quite a state. You are AWESOME!

Kathy and John Burke – Austin, August, 2012

“I was so grateful to discover Leftovers Austin Estate Sales for my mother-in-laws downsizing sale. The owners are a pleasure to work with and bent over backwards to make sure the sale was done as beautifully and efficiently as possible. They completely took all the stress off me—I wish I had called them sooner. I recommend them to all my friends.”

Richard Ryon, Estate Sale: The Courtyard, July, 2012

“After living in my home for approximately 25 years, I felt it was time to downsize and chose a Senior Community in Corpus Christi to be my new home. A colleague recommended Leftovers Austin Estate Sales to conduct the sale of furniture, household and other items that would not be making the move with me.

After meeting with the owners, I felt very comfortable trusting the project with them. They were very organized, hard-working and, best of all, did everything they said they would and more! They found and handed to me over $800 my late wife had stashed throughout the house! Ultimately, the very same night that the 3-day sale was completed, they emptied the home of the few unsold items. They chose what they would take to sell at the next sale, swept my home clean and the charity arrived the next morning to take away what was left.  In fact, every one of the post-sale items was sold!

I was very satisfied with the honesty and the hard work provided by Leftovers Austin Estate Sales and would highly recommend their service to others.”

Martha Fields – Estate Sale: Balcones-Austin, July 2012

“I recently made the decision to move from a home I’d lived in for over 25 years in Austin to a Senior Residence across town. As a life-long collector and dealer of antiques, I had a very full home and needed to sell 75% of it. Leftovers Austin had conducted my daughter and son-in-law’s sale last year and they were thrilled with the result, so it was an easy decision to have them do my estate sale too. Due to the timing of my move and the sale of the home, they only had seven days to prepare. When I saw the home right before the sale, I was amazed by how beautifully they had staged everything. During the process, they treated me and my possessions with great care and respect. Best of all I was thrilled with the amount of money they made for me which was far more than I ever dreamed of. I highly recommend Leftovers Austin to anyone who finds themselves in need of an estate sale.”

Opal & Richard Huntley – Cedar Park,  June, 2012

“We were extremely pleased to find Leftovers Austin Estate Sales when we needed to downsize and move out of town. They agreed to do our sale and it was handled in a professional and honest manner. Their experience and passion for a successful sale showed in the organization, staging and research of the sale. We would recommend Leftovers Austin Estate Sales to anyone needing an estate sale. Thanks for an outstanding job.”

Karen Nelson, Estate of Leemond Ralph Coburn, Jr. – May, 2012

“Our family wants to thank Leftovers Austin Estate Sales for all of the hard and caring work they did for our family. I, personally, was so impressed with them, even from the very first meeting. Being from out of town in another state, I had an instant comfort level that they would respect my Uncle’s belongings and do their best to make the most of what could be done with the estate.

On sale day, there were customers waiting as much as an hour before the doors were open. The items were priced fairly and were set to sell quickly. They staged and made the home more inviting than it looked before they contracted with us. I was most impressed that they were constantly re-staging the home as the big items sold to encourage the customers to stay longer.

I know the best decision we made was to use the services of Leftovers Austin as I am convinced I could not have done an equal or better job had I tried to handle the sale myself. It was, without doubt, worth the reasonable percentage fee that we paid.”

Barbara & Jim Bearden, Rob Roy On The Creek, Westlake Hills – Austin, April 2012

“We are long-time customers of Leftovers Austin Estate Sales so when it was time for us to downsize and move to a smaller home, there was no question that they would hold our sale for us.

The entire process was seamless from beginning to end and we are so pleased with the result of the sale. All we had to do was designate what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to to sell. Then the Leftovers Austin team came in and cleaned, sorted, priced and staged everything that was to be sold. They held a 3-day sale for us and at the end what wasn’t sold was donated to a charity. All we had to do was let the charity in, they picked it all up and gave us a form for our tax deduction. Within two days we had received a list of what was sold and the amounts they were sold for and a check for our portion of the sale.

The sale was a huge task that we did not have the time to do, did not want to undertake and which was a lot more profitable than if we had done it ourselves. Many thanks to Leftovers Austin Estate Sales for a job well done.”

Perry & Betty Sanderson – Lago Vista, March 2012

“Leftovers Austin handled our estate sale in a friendly and professional manner that removed all the stresses and strains we had been experiencing as we dismantled the remnants of our Mother’s life. Leftovers knows what they are doing. They were compassionate, understanding and thorough. Their expertise is well known in the Lago Vista area and they know how to get the job done. The hardworking team arrives with a well thought out plan and they quickly get to work advertising the sale, arranging items for optimum presentation, and pricing. unsold items were left in a neat stack in the garage for our perusal and arrangements were made with a reliable local charity for pickup of any unwanted items.

Honesty and integrity are, without a doubt, a top priority for Leftovers Austin.”

Dottie & Bob Rutishauser – Cat Mountain Villas, Austin, March 2012

“We were very pleased with the results of the estate sale of our home! The items for sale were attractively presented and realistically priced and most of them were sold. We were also impressed with the way you and your team handled the eleventh hour changes in rules that were required by the homeowners association. This could have been a disaster but you converted it into a productive sales effort. Thanks for your good work!”

Paula Jarvis – NW Austin, January & February 2012

“We hired Leftovers Austin Estate Sales to completely close out a very collector intensive estate. The integrity, quality and speed at which they evaluated and prepared the merchandise for sale was impressive and we were ecstatic with the results. We did not have the ability to spend our own time or resources to separate saleable items from personal paperwork, trash, and non-profitable items but they took care of all of this and items we thought would never sell became highly profitable. At the conclusion of the sale they arranged for charitable pickup and left us a home that we could then prepare for sale. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and I highly recommend their services.”

Beverly Brooks – Old West Austin/Tarrytown, November 2011

“Leftovers Austin saved my life. I was drowning with excess stuff from 4 different homes that could not be accommodated in my current home. I could not access my garage or 20′ x 20′ storeroom where it was all stored – floor to ceiling. The Leftover’s staff arrived 2 weeks prior to the sale and organized, washed, cleaned, polished, oiled, photographed, advertised and RESEARCHED hundreds of items. During the “identification” process a small wallet with a $100 bill was found and brought to me. I have suggested that they rename their company INTEGRITY LEFTOVERS of AUSTIN. They brought tables, tents, display stands and lighting to merchandise it all. The sale was advertised to over 2500 customers on their email list and on the day of the sale professional signs were displayed in the neighborhood and removed nightly. All areas where merchandise was displayed was manned with individuals who could answer questions – and monitor for theft. Customers who purchased items were funneled through one line where payment was made and an itemized list of all merchandise sold was charted. I received a check for almost $10,000 – and it was for “stuff” I contemplated calling Goodwill to pickup numerous times! These are professional good people who were a joy to work with and I would gladly recommend them to anyone in need of these services.”

Margaret & PJ Newsom – ‘The Courtyard’ Austin, May 2011

“After my Dad passed and my Mother was no longer able to live at home by herself, we were left with the responsibility of what to do with the home and all the possessions that had accumulated over the many years. We had no idea where to turn and started investigating and going to estate sales and discovered Leftovers Austin. In talking with them, we became aware of their knowledge of the world of Estate Sales and we were more at ease about the project. The stress we had been experiencing was removed because of their approach and ability to manage each step of the process. We were impressed with their organization and research ability to properly price all the items in the house, from art work to antique shop tools to furniture and all the knick knacks throughout the house. Throughout the entire process, they were very respectful that these were not just “things” but actually represented another person’s life and treated it as such. After the Estate Sale had completed, they were very helpful in continuing to sell several items that did not sell during the sale, and helped coordinate charity services so the end result of our sale was a completely empty clean house. Richard and Melissa are very trustworthy, honest and hardworking and we highly recommend the services of Leftovers Austin.”

Dr. Geoffrey & Elizabeth Erwin – NW Austin, April 2011

“We recently downsized from a 4,000 square foot home we had lived in for 28 years to a 1700 square foot home. Additionally, we also had to sell many items that belonged to our deceased parents. Leftovers Austin was very professional in how they set up the sale, researched and priced our items. They sold everything in the home including small items, medium priced items and valuable antiques! Within days after the sale, we received a printout of items that were sold along with a check for those items. We had a few valuable things that they actually chose to sell on eBay to get a higher price! When the sale was complete, they vacuumed their way out the door, leaving a clean house.

Cathy Scroggins Donner and Family – Round Rock, February 2011

“We came to know Leftovers Austin during a very difficult time for our family as our mother passed away and grandmother was quickly declining and in need of being placed in a Alzheimer care facility. As a result, we were faced with many decisions pertaining to their personal possessions and their home. We contacted Leftovers Austin about our situation and scheduled a consultation to find out more about their services. Their expertise and knowledge in the estate sale industry was quickly evident. They were personable, professional yet sensitive to our situation, and the fact we had to “let go” of some possessions that held precious memories to our family. Leftovers Austin took care of it ALL for us which enabled us to focus on important family matters. They run an extremely efficient process from sorting, organizing, pricing, presentation and advertising all of the items to ensuring there was never a compromise to the safety and security of the estate. The estate sale was a great success and they delivered everything as promised which met all of our expectations! We even received some inquiries from prospective buyers for the home. Our family is grateful for your expertise in handling the estate sale in such a timely manner with compassion and also a few laughs along the way.”

Dr. Barry & Twila Bowden – Barton Hills Austin, September 2010

“We discovered Leftovers Austin after several failed attempts at arranging an estate sale. Their promotion, preparation and implementation of the sale were superb. It was a true turn-key operation. Not only did they sell the items, they left the house cleaner than they found it and bagged up leftover items to give to charity.

Since we were also trying to sell the house, Leftovers worked with our realtor to supply information about the house, passing out flyers to anyone who expressed interest. The Estate Sale ended Sunday and we received a firm offer on the house the following Monday!”

Carlela K. Vogel – Fort Worth, Georgetown

“The best thing that happened to me in 2010 was finding Leftovers Austin! My brother, a long-time resident of Georgetown, became seriously ill and had to be moved to a long-term care facility. Since I live in Fort Worth, this presented a real challenge. Fortunately, I had been in Georgetown a few months earlier and I discovered a wonderfully organized sale that was thoroughly enjoyable, picked up a Leftovers Austin card, and tucked that memory away for future reference. When I contacted Leftovers Austin for a consultation she responded promptly. I was particularly impressed by how she listened to the information about my brother and our family which made for a better researched estate sale. I was also relieved that they had the expertise (and the following) to fully appreciate the worth of some of the old books and tools. They worked so hard in preparing for the sale, which was no easy task considering the clutter and heat. No item was overlooked and everything was priced. One thing that really impressed me was that they found a photograph that they thought might be really valuable and they priced it accordingly. I would have never thought it was worth more than a couple of dollars and sure enough it sold for the amount they asked.

We had a wonderful sale and it brought in six times the amount that I thought it would when I was considering conducting the sale myself! Some of the items that didn’t sell; they sold at later estate sales, and sent me the money. Those items that they could not sell they gave to charity. I was impressed with their record keeping and honesty. In addition, they left the home cleaner than they found it. It was the best experience I have ever had with a merchant or vendor!”

JoAnn & Rollin Siefken – Lago Vista, August 2010

“Before planning for our estate sale, I called a friend for a recommendation. She spoke so highly of Leftovers Austin that I decided to interview the owners. Every conversation and meeting simply reinforced our confidence in our choice of working with them. The professional approach toward preparing was very efficient. The sale was advertised and handled business-like to large market. The staging was well thought out. The sale itself was a pleasant experience for those attending. We do thank all the members of the Leftovers team for helping us downsize with less stress. ”

Cynthia Richardson – Cedar Park, May, 2010

“Due to downsizing & relocating out of town – I had no time to manage a moving sale. Thanks to Leftovers Austin and their boundless energy, organizational skills & professionalism – they made it all possible. They were sensitive to my individual needs and with great team efforts, they worked diligently to turn my estate sale into a great success. Thank you guys for giving 110%!!”

Terry M. – Cedar Park, Texas

“We received a Leftovers Austin referral from one of our neighbors, and now we highly recommend you to all of our friends who are considering the daunting task of holding an estate sale. After my father passed away, we had to sell most of his belongings, and you did a fantastic job. You worked quickly and unobtrusively, researching and pricing various items. You expertly did all of the advertising before the sale and merchandising at the sale so that we were able to make more money than we ever thought possible. Leftovers brought in their own display tables, awnings and ran the sale – we hardly had to do a thing!

You were not only professional, but you were also compassionate and respectful, knowing that the items we were selling had belonged to someone dear to us. Thank you, Leftovers Austin, for your outstanding work on our behalf.”

Amy Vandiver – Lago Vista, Texas

“After the death of my mother-in-law in the Fall of ‘08, my family and I were faced with the question of what to do with all of her precious treasures which needed a home. We did not need or want to rent another storage unit, only to have family heirlooms rust, wither and ruin. A neighbor suggested calling an estate sales company she had heard about. So this is what we did, but little did we know that we would find a company with whom we felt totally comfortable in taking such wonderful care of all these treasures.

Leftovers Austin was both professional and trustworthy. They went into the home where my mother-in-law had lived for almost fifteen years and totally organized the contents of the entire house for an estate sale. What was immediately evident to my family was that they have years of experience doing this and they have a gift which can only be appreciated up close and on a personal level. Believe me; nothing gets more personal than sorting through, sharing and then organizing items which represent a lifetime of family memories. They were able to quickly take charge of an overwhelming situation and make it very convenient and profitable for each of us. I would highly recommend Leftovers Austin to any family faced with a similar situation.”

Oleta P. – Cedar Park, Texas

“When my husband and I decided to sell our Texas home for retirement living, we contacted Leftovers Austin to handle the sale of items not making the move. You walked with me through all the rooms, making notes of what was to be sold and what was to stay. Then we left you with a key to the house and took a plane to close on our new home. When we returned 2 weeks later, the sale was over, unsold items in the garage for us (as we had requested) to peruse before donating, and we had a pile of cash. Worth every penny of the cost.

Leftovers Austin is dependable, honest and professional. I would not hesitate to trust them with my most precious possessions. Our neighbors were impressed also and asked where we located them. If they find you worthy of their services, consider yourself fortunate. A satisfied client.”

Customer Testimonials (Buyers)

Sandi Crinkelmeyer – Austin, Texas – Cowboy Estate Sale, Feb 2014

“I’ve been in the antique/resell business for over 14 years.  Leftovers is one of the most efficient, conscientious, well-priced estate sale companies I deal with in Austin. Most importantly, they are HONEST and FRIENDLY! I try not to miss their sales—I always leave with great stuff!”

Lanette Alvaraz – New Braunfels, Texas – Extraordinary Antique Dealer’s Estate Sale, Jan 2014

“This is one of the best sales I have ever been to. I can definitely tell how much work Leftoveors puts into their sales and they have the friendliest staff. Yes, the line to check out may have been long at times, but to me that just says it all…good sale, great prices and worth every minute. If there was not a line…well that should explain itself. Thank you Leftovers Austin, keep up the good work.”

Darla Watters – Cedar Park, Texas, Jan 2014

“I’ve been going to Leftovers Austin Estate Sales for eight years and have never walked away without purchasing several items. The furniture is fabulous, ditto the crystal and china (my interests). Prices are exceptional, considering the quality.”

Martha Howe – Round Rock, Texas, Jan 2014

“You’ve done an outstanding job on this estate sale. I’ve been to many of your sales and they are always so great, always well organized and neat. My friends and I have said we will use Leftovers [when it’s time for our sales].”

Clarissa Beaumont – Austin, Texas,  Jan 2014

“You’ve done a phenomenal job—I saw the ad on Estatesales.net and couldn’t believe how much stuff this house contained! Last Day—last couple of hours and there isn’t much left to go! Great Job!”

Obdulia F. – Round Rock, April 2013

“When attending an estate sale I expect superior customer service, value pricing, and sound ethical business practices. Over the years, I have come to rely on Leftovers Austin to deliver on my expectations and they have. The staff is courteous, helpful, and knowledgable. In my opinion, they have set the benchmark for the Austin estate sales market. As a reseller, I appreciate that Leftovers Austin is able to balance the expectations of both the client and their customers. One final note, respect is a two way street, and the customer is not always right. I admire the patience I have witnessed Leftovers Austin demonstrate with some less than civil customers. Leftovers Austin will remain at the top of my list when choosing an estate sale company whether for business or pleasure.”


Amy Hollingsworth – Cedar Park

“I have shopped at the sales of this team of entrepreneurs and found them very dedicated and professional. Their strong work ethic is evident. Their goal appears to be to reward their clients with as much as they can achieve for their precious possessions. If I have need to sell my estate in the future, Leftovers Austin Estate Sales will be my first choice.”

Ginger Weber – Austin

“LOVE Leftovers!!! It’s not your ordinary estate sale. Everything is neatly placed and beautifully arranged on top of a clothed table. The music softly plays in the background adding a relaxing touch while you browse the treasures. I’ve been to several of these sales, and always look forward to the familiar, smiling faces that greet me each time as though I was a long lost relative. I also appreciate getting a preview look at the sale items through email and FB. Don’t miss the experience of Leftovers!”

Sydney L – Cedar Park

“I really like going to the estate sales that Leftovers Austin hosts. You never know what you’ll find. It is great getting an email with photos before the sale so you can start making your wish list before you go.”

Ruth Baker – Tarrytown

“I’ve furnished my home beautifully with Leftovers Austin/Integrity Estate Sale Company. Owners Richard and Melissa and their staff are always helpful, kind, and professional. I’ve referred them to my friends who also love them!”


Laura Ortiz – Austin

“Leftovers Estate Sales” is extremely experienced and professional! They certainly know how to run a well organized sale and put an immense amount of research in their pricing and set up. They have years of experience and knowledge and know the actual value of what they sell and what the market value actually is. I have attended many of their sales and have witnessed the way they handle their numerous loyal customers. They treat their customers like family which is the main reason their large customer base keeps coming back! “Leftover Austin Estate Sales” is my personal favorite estate sale company. I was raised by a wonderful mother who took me to many sales as a child, therefore, I have seen the differences. It is a hobby that has continued throughout my adult life and I find to be the absolute best out there!”

Kim Stirret – Cedar Park

“I have been to many of the Leftovers Estate sales and bought many things from them, large and small. At my first sale with Leftovers, they knocked down prices on things and even personally showed me around. I was very impressed with their kindness and generosity. Another sale I went to, Richard was sweet enough to help me load up a china hutch and a large table and helped me tie them down in my truck. A lot of estate sales won’t help you load. Leftovers prices are very reasonable and in talking with them, they seem to do a lot of research on items before setting her prices. Melissa and Richard have always been nice to me on every visit. I have had nothing but good experiences with Leftovers Austin Estate Sales and recommend their sales.”

Barbara Bearden – Austin

“The most knowledgeable couple in the Austin Estate Sales market has got to be Melissa and Richard. They know how to properly price each item (through research and experience) and are extremely organized. They take the time to come in many days before the sale, price each item and organize every piece/collection so they are properly displayed and easy for buyers to see. I love that they have a large email distribution base and include photos of the items for sale. An extra bonus: Leftovers Austin is trustworthy, industrious and FUN!!”

Melanie Marwitz – Cedar Park

“This company is top notch! Richard and Melissa Balsam are wonderful people to work with; very down to earth and professional. They did an estate sale for me and took care of every detail. Leftovers is definitely the people to call when you’re ready to have an estate sale!”


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